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Alex Barenboim

As a Director of Development for the past few years, I’ve relied heavily on Michele and her firm to deliver exceptional application design and development resources to me for my various IT initiatives rapidly and at effective rates. Michele is an experienced, highly professional and ethical IT business executive, who innately understands the value proposition which I’m seeking in a technology partner, and who always delivers at or above expectations, while keeping my costs contained. I recommend Michele and her firm to any IT organization and/or executive seeking consistently exceptional performance and delivery

Sharon DelPietro,PMP®,ITIL®

Michele’s indepth recruiting knowledge and experience crosses many industries and functions. Her savy skills allow her to think on her feet, connect well with clients and candidates, and negotiate beneficial solutions to meet corporate talent acquisition needs. Michele and I have a good working relationship and I would highly recommend her services to any company requiring high quality talent.

Jacqueline Webb

Working with Michele the past several years has been a true pleasure. She has not only provided me phenominal resources, that I have placed with my clients, she has delivered in efficient and timely manner. Not only is Michele a dedicated, client-driven Professional Recruiter, she is an outstanding wealth of knowledge in the business and HR industry. I feel blessed to have met Michele and have had the pleasure of working with her

Bob Rice

So much good stuff about Michele Smith has been laid out in her many very positive recommendations here. So I would like to pose a few questions to corporate executives, HR professionals, executive recruiters and job seekers wanting to work with one of the best executive recruiters I have met in my professional career of 30 years (please note that I have worked with all the top global executive search firms, many boutique search companies and independent businesses in searches for executives). As a corporation, would you love to work with a recruiter who is first and foremost interested in finding the best candidate for the job on offer? Would you appreciate that she’ll give you the straight scoop on the nits and grits of an individual? And how wonderful would it be if she provided her unvarnished take on whether or not that candidate is a) qualified for the job generally, b) strong or weak in various competencies, c) how well the candidate will fit with your company culture? And how about on top of that she is very responsive, open, candid and e) full of honesty and integrity? This is Michele Smith. As a job seeker, how much would you appreciate a recruiter who gets back to you almost immediately and who tells you straight up her take on your skills, performance and experience? And does so with an open mind which listens to and understands your views which possibly changes her opinion? How refreshing would it be to have a recruiter feel like a trusted friend who will give you candid advice with a constructive intent to help you in your career? This is Michele Smith. And for all, how much would you enjoy working with the consummate professional recruiter who not only has rich experience in the corporate world but loads of in-depth expertise based on 20+ years in the business to boot? Add to that a “sparkling, positive “let’s do it” joie-de-vivre and this is real – it’s Michele Smith.

David Lim, Ph.D. RAC, CQA

Michele is such a great professional equipped with bringing greatresults, high ethics and integrity. She is very personable and highlyprofessional. Please don’t hesitate to contact her for your staffing

Patti Nelson/LION

Michele and I worked together on placing people in positions around the country. She is a wonderful lady to work with and really taught me a lot about recruiting all the in’s and outs. I would highly recommend Michele as she takes her job seriously and those that she works with.

Jesse Rojas

I have worked with Michele twice in the past. One of her bestqualities is her commitment to her client’s needs. She will take twohours to truly get to know her client…over the phone. (when not inperson) She has vast knowledge on the job market and variousindustries. I would highly recommend her to anyone. She has vast knowledge on the job market and various industries. I would highly recommend her to anyone requiring her services.